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Default Started a 3.0 in April.....

I started playing USTA league tennis in April as a 3.0 player. I had played tennis at the age of 10-13 as something to do to pass time in between baseball. I am now 27 and had a 14 year layoff from tennis. I never played highschool tennis, nor did I ever win any of the tournaments in my age group.

My local league coordinator told me to play as a 3.0. This year in local league play, I won every match except 2. I played in mixed doubles (6-1) and in combo doubles (4-1). Both losses came at the state level of competition. I did play in several 3.0 tournaments, never winning any, but making it to the finals twice. I ended with a 14-10 tournament record. After the rankings came out this year, I noticed that my 10 losses all came against players who were bumped up. 10 of the 14 wins in tourny play came against people who did not get bumped up.

Now, we are in December and I have been playing every day.....sometimes as much as 5-8 hours a day. The last two local tournaments have not had a 3.0draw, so I have played in the 4.0 draw. Both times reaching the finals and once winning.

The last two times I have played 3.0 players I have won 6-1, 6-0 in both matches. USTA has kept my ranking at a 3.0(T). I am pretty upset with this as I obviously wanted to move up.

Are my options to stay at the 3.0 level and dominate while also playing 3.5 level tennis? Or should I play 4.0 level tennis and take my lumps even though I can beat some of the local 4.0's?
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