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Originally Posted by Senator Jay Bullworth View Post

Are you the owner? ...... My name is Bullworth; Senator Jay Bullworth.

Please call me Jay.

"Drunk, blue-nosed Santas, with whiskey they're smitten
"S.W.I." raps laid on Donner and Blitzen
'Totaling his sleigh, sleighbells no longer ring
Santa got trashed, then took reindeer to wing."

Lost are the toys that ol' Saint Nick did promise
Sprouting a generation of now 'doubting-Thomases'"
Lost in the sauce, Kris Kringle tries hard to cling
Slides off the chimney, and lands on the swing
Falling off rooftops, of suburban Tudors
Guard dogs treat Santa like he's an intruder
God roars his laughter, they hear him in France:
'Thank ME, for robes, or I'd **** in my pants!' "

Ms. Chic, may I have this dance?

Well, I believe that we've found our poet laureate...brilliant Jay, effing brilliant!
What's between you and your pants is between you and your pants.
Kumquat Penthouse, Mrs
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