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Originally Posted by PBODY99 View Post
All college programs are not equal. I know that there are Div 1 schools in the Northeast who have players at the 3.5_4.0 level since they don't give scholarships at these schools. I also know 5.0 players who attend Div 3 colleges so while I agree that people should try to play their level , you need to lay eyes on them to say that they are sandbagging.

I lose 1 & 2 at national level 45 + agegroup tournaments as a 3.5, maybe older players are just kinder!
I'm curious, do you know any D1 schools in particular playing at that level? So if they join USTA, they would be required to be a minimum of like 5.5 even though they may only be as good as a 3.5? If they suck really bad in the USTA can they be bumped down several levels?
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