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Originally Posted by CanadianChic View Post
Why are you interviewing for the job Fee? Money aside, is this something you can start to enjoy? If not, I say scrap it!! Life is too short to spend unhappy in an unsuitable work environment (but this is coming from someone who loves her job).
Well, I am interviewing to see what it might be like in case it's worth putting up with a few months of low pay on the chance that I will eventually get the pay I deserve. It's a panel interview, so I just don't think it will go that well any way, but I haven't interviewed anywhere in so long that it will be good practice in case I get to interview for the one I really want. To clarify, this is the job that I want, I just don't think I want to work in this particular office for this particular person. Perhaps I'll feel completely different after I meet with them. I don't know.
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