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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Yup. You ****her!! LOL

I remember that joke being told by the Unknown Comic in the movie Night Patrol. That movie was sooo funny. Mr Miagi (spelling??? form karate kid) was in it and he had a little girls voice. Too funny!
Oh Drak, you make my day!! Here's a Carlsbad - can I have another? More please, I want more. lol

Originally Posted by Fee View Post
Well, I am interviewing to see what it might be like in case it's worth putting up with a few months of low pay on the chance that I will eventually get the pay I deserve. It's a panel interview, so I just don't think it will go that well any way, but I haven't interviewed anywhere in so long that it will be good practice in case I get to interview for the one I really want. To clarify, this is the job that I want, I just don't think I want to work in this particular office for this particular person. Perhaps I'll feel completely different after I meet with them. I don't know.
Yeah I hear ya. Panel interviews especially are a pain. I had a very long hiring process for my job - it took a couple of months anyway. I hope you get it!! You can always move on down the line if it's not what you hoped it would be.
Good luck - but I don't think you'll need it - you'll wow 'em!
Where have all the posters gone?
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