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Originally Posted by WhiteSox05CA View Post
Antonio, how do I know that you don't work for Eagnas? I mean, this is one of your first posts. I wouldn't be surprised if Eagnas dudes came around these boards supporting their product and trying to convince us.
You think a company with a reputation for NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER would take the time to find a tennis forum with thread for Eagnas machine owners, make a fake account and post a positive feedback about one of their lowest price machines?!?! LMAO!!!!

I will say one thing...whenever I have emailed with a question with the intention of buying something, they have responded. One time, even on the same day. You would think with 5 bazillion products, the one person there who has enough skill to even use email gets tired of emails that say "What's the difference between the X and the Y" or "Can I get a different reel of string if I buy blah blah blah." I'm not trying to stick up for them. I'm just trying to say they are what they are. If you bought a name brand DVD player from the swap much support do you think you'd get if something goes wrong as compared to buying it from a home theatre store?
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