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Default Permanent Partners for Doubles

Background: Winter league is 3 doubles matches per team outing. My new team consists of 14 players. Four of these players have played together a lot and can be considered partners. The other 10 have never partnered with each other in a match before, and some have never met.

My question is what to do with these 10 in terms of pairing people up. I have seen all of them play, of course, and I have some idea of their strengths and weaknesses. My intitial plan was to try different pairings over the course of the season, hoping I'd be able to find a reasonable partner for everyone. A player who plays six matches in the season might do so with three or four different partners.

Or perhaps I could just decide that certain people should play together from the outset for the season, period. But that seems weird at this early stage of our team, as there might be great pairings that I'll never learn about absent some experimentation.

How much weaker is our team if we keep swapping around partners? Does it make a huge difference in our ability to win? Captains, how did you decide who should partner with whom? Is there some other approach I'm not considering?
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