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Default Played today, noticed a few of my flaws.

So i was playing today and i noticed a few of my flaws, was wondering if maybe you guys could help me out a bit , maybe offer some advice on how to correct them.

1. I noticed that i hit my frame a lot on both forehand and backhand (2 handed) and this is even on an OS racquet.

2. I noticed that i hit the ball low into the net often, not an amazing number of times, but more than i'd like. I'm thinking that this is because i use in between a semi and a western grip and that right before i hit the ball my racquet isn't perpendicular to the floor (slightly slanted downward)

3. I have trouble with high balls. Not the ones that are really high and that I would slam, but ones that are a couple feet higher than a normal ball, like at head height, mabye a LITTLe higher. I noticed this mostly with my backhand.

Any help would be great!

Thanks a lot!

P.S. You guys really help me a lot to improve my game! thanks all of you!
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