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flex 740 ..... absolutely no probs.

and....i don't foresee it.....but if something does go wrong now.....and i end up having to deal with the maxline nightmare, etc. , etc., etc......and i have to end up throwing out the machine......which i don't foresee......

i paid for it soooo long ago with the money i've saved, that i really wouldn't care.

i string for my friends and myself. i am not a professional stringer, but i do a damn good job stringing.

down to about 35 minutes now. but damn consistent jobs.

if you have further questions about the 740, then PM me. real questions. not negative comments. i don't feel like getting into a thread squabble with people that have such negative connotations about maxline...not even eagnas, that what i say doesn't even matter.
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