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1) Quiet your head. Next time intentionally focus on the racquet striking the ball and don't look up until your stroke is over or nearly so. Another trick to quiet the head and mind is to say (actually say out-loud), "Bounce. Hit." The former when the ball hits your side of the court and the latter as you strike the ball. (Also, it's easier to frame balls w/ racquets that have larger hoops especially when applying spins--but give that above a chance before you blame your stick.)
2) I see a lot of junior coaches string a line b/t extensions placed on the net posts 6 feet above the court, and have their students hit over this. You'll learn two things here. First, good things happen when the ball goes over the net (not into it); second, w/ time your shots from the baseline will have more depth (since your net clearance is much higher) You'll need topspin here to keep in the court. And you'll be hitting moonballs on instinct w/ practice (see below).
3) Nobody likes high backhands. You can attempt to neutralize this by stepping in to the court (moving to the ball, not vice-versa) and taking the ball on the rise. This takes timing, patience and practice, practice, practice. (Also regrading #2, as your balls find more depth, your foe will either have to hit on the rise or give up the baseline. If this latter happens, step in to the court to generate short(er) angles--think yo-yo w/ your opponent.
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