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Be prepared for some surprises! I can't tell you the number of times a partner and I "should have been really good together." I think some captains make the mistake of taking their best two players and playing them court 1, assuming they will handle anything that comes their way. WRONG!

Your so-called best players will often have very similar skill sets. I played court 1 with a lot of very talented players but we lost a lot of matches. We all had big serves, big returns, aggressive net games...In short, when we were on we were awesome, but when we were off we absolutely stunk.

I have been most successful pairing with some of the senior ladies who simply are more consistent and use strategy better than I do. One lady in particular is great for me. I know she plays super seniors and she is not terribly mobile. However, she never double faults, 80% of her returns are well placed, she never gives the opponents a high ball...and she is surprisingly adept at the net. If it's within reach, she will put it away. She jokes that at her age she has to be efficient.

The funny thing is the 30-40 year olds we face make the mistake of targeting her when they should be going after me.

We typically play court 2 together. I say go for teams that complement one another.

I wanted to add that you should discourage players from only playing one side as this sometimes limits your pairing options. And while I don't like the idea of playing with a different partner each match, I think players need to find 2-3 players they feel comfortable playing with. People get injured, work or kids limit availability-things happen.

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