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Well we all knew about the bigger head size, but I was wondering if he went poly/gut with the strings as well. I guess that story confirms it, Pete is open to all sorts of change now huh? I think Nadal would have a legit chance of beating Pete on any surface right now, he plays heavy spin like Bruguera but with more pace and has a much better serve. And we all know how well he passes.

No offense to Ginepri, but the guy went 24-26 this year and finished 51 in the world. He didn't exactly have a stellar year. So Pete beat him in a few exo's indoors? All that means is Pete is playing at a world class level, it doesn't mean he could come back and win Wimbledon. Ginepri said he thinks Pete could be top 30 right now, certainly nothing to laugh at.

I'd still like to see him take two wildcards so people can stop talking about it. One for Queen's and one for Wimbledon. You know inside as a competitor he would love to face two people. Federer, and of course Nadal. Federer for the obvious reasons, he wants to see exactly what kind of level Roger is really at. If Roger is really that darn good, and Nadal because he's of the new breed of youngsters coming up. I'm sure in his mind Pete has played both matches already.

I still think Fed would thrash him, his return game is so good and his passes so tough. The only thing that would keep Pete in it scorewise is his serve. No version of Pete would want any part of Roger on anything besides grass.

I hope he keeps playing these matches and continues his 4 days or so of practice a week, everyone wants to see him one more time on the big stage. The question is can he actually do anything? Or will some no name knock him out?

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