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Originally Posted by kissmyace View Post
Just watched the Paul Haarhuis/Rios match live at the Albert Hall and it was not far off disgraceful.
Rios was shameful in is effort levels. He just went through the motions for most of the match, and then would suddenly reel off 5 or 6 clean winners from nowhere and the shut down again.
In one service game he made 1 attempt at a serve return and even walked to the duece side from the ad side as Harrhuuis went through his service action.
Haarhuis was clearly unnerved by all this and gave him some cheap junk but thankfully pulled the match out.
I was really excited about seeing Rios play as i'd never had the chance before and was looking forward to seeing some of his exceptional shot making, and there were a few, but for all that talent you'd think he make an effort and FIND a way to at least compete. That is the mark of a great player, one who can have a c*@p day but still dig deep and find a way to compete.
Very very dissapointing.
I agree Rios is a headcase.
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