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Originally Posted by WhiteSox05CA View Post
I was seriously looking at the Flex 740.

Is the tensioning accurate? Some people say that they've tested and found their tension to be off by quite a bit on some of these drop-weight machines. Accurate tensioning is pretty much my top priority?

How are the clamps on this thing?

Thanks, big help!
clamps and tesioning are fine. my clamps hold fine after 80+ jobs and i've checked with a local shop's ERT on my string has shown consistent across the stringbed.

ask yourself the following questions:

- do you have common sense? or will a horrible owner's manual throw you off your game?

- are you an independent person, or do you need hand holding?

- do you consider a bad paint job a bad machine? even though everything works?

- if you've never strung a racket before, do you have patience to learn on a dropweight that cost under $250, or do you need to learn on a $4000 babolat star, because it's a babolat star and is one of the most expensive machines around?

- is the road less travelled ok for you?

i think you know what i'm getting at....and know what my opinion is re: the eagnas that i have.

eagnas aren't for some people and that's fine.

i just don't think it's right knocking the actual stringer because the customer service of the distributor, i admit, is obviously questionable. i personally can't really comment because i have only dealt with the distributor once in my life: when i purchased it. hopefully i will never ever have to deal with them again.

straight eagnas 740 is fine. it works well and i've already saved over $700 in the past 5 months. i paid for it after 2.5 weeks. (yes, i pretended i was a pro player and had a freshly strung racket every time i had a match and didn't use the same strings more than 3 times for practice. it was and still is nice.)

i'm just telling it like it is. sometimes the truth hurts for those eagnas haters.

i guess i must've gotten a defect or something because i have absolutely no probs and i'm touting eagnas....not maxline, but eagnas.
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