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don't drastically change what you have already; however, you really should learn to play the way that's "right" for you. and don't buy into the stereotypes behind each shot. . . like that one-handed bh's are tough to execute on high balls . . . and that players wit two-handed bhs have trouble slicing and perhaps hitting a bh volley. it all depends on the player. i think whether you go w/ a one-hander or a 2-handed bh is a matter of FEEL, COMFORT, and TOUCH among many other things.

One thing to consider is your STRENGTH (or if you're still growing or planning to soon commit to a strict fitness program, the range of strength you'll most likely have in your tennis playing days). many players of average strength opt for the two-hander simply to get more pop or more pop and control.

your MOBILITY should be factored in as well. having a two-hander makes it a bit harder to reach some balls on the run. if you're not the fastest guy, a 2-hander may make you more vulnerable to a well-placed ball to the bh side. on the flipside, if you're quick, having a 2-hander may be fine as your mobility will make up for that limitation in reach.

just some very general ideas
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