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Question Makes you wonder?

Originally Posted by vizsla View Post
Name: Sean C. Armstrong

BTW, he appealed his rating and it WAS GRANTED!!! How can that be???
You pose a very interesting question, which I am unable to answer. Looking at the other player on his team, quite a few have won their appeals.

On my team 4.0 also in NC, we had six 3.5 players get bumped up to 4.0, and I was the only one to win my semi-automatic appear. Basically, this team plays 4.0 in the spring and 7.5 Combo in the fall. I had shoulder surgery (bicep was 90% torn, not nearly as bad a rotator cuff) after the first week in the spring season (lost match) and only got to play in five other matches (lost all). None of the other players have won their rating appear. The thing that is most annoying is that in the fall we will have to play 8.5 Combo because now we only have a few 3.5 players, and we will most likely loose almost all of our matches, but we will have fun. As a 4.0 team we went 0-11 in the Spring of 2006, and as a 7.5 team we went 9-4 in the Fall.
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