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Originally Posted by jdeloach View Post
Orange, the difference is in the handle from what I can see. The layup is totally same. I am playtesting a 335 with stock grip, and it plays exactly like my 320 with leather and overgrip. The only difference is the strings that they sent it with.
Good, good . I'm even keener to get my hands on one, bring on February/March which is when my local Pro-level demo store gets the frames in (I'm in Aus, official launch of the 335 is March here).

Given the almost identical other specs, and the change in HL as I'd pointed out, I was thinking indeed this may be the case .

I may never have even wondered this except for a thread a few months back when Vantage was the flavour of the...time , and a few of us realised that a large part of the 'model range / customisation' in Vantage frames comes from different handles with the same frames, in fact they may have as few as 10 actual frames that are then cut to different lengths, modified with different handles (style and weight), etc etc. Most of their frame sizes don't even offer different drill patterns (in fact, only 1 frame size does), but clever marketing makes you think they do.

None of the above makes me in any way negative against Vantage, I just feel I understand it better, and it has made me look for similar things in other frames. In the case of TFights, it makes me even happier, as I'm now pretty sure I can get the 320s, and if really unhappy, get my MRT to make them into 335s . I'll now also probably get 3/8s instead of 1/2s (I'm normally in the middle), possibly leaving me with 328s after a heat-shrink!
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