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Originally Posted by JW10S View Post
After reading the responses to this thread, as well as others on this and the Racquets and Strings forums, I am able now to answer my own question. The mentality is that the top pros have not achieved what they have by the years of practice, hard work, sacrifice to hone their technique--no, it's much simpler than that. They win because of a strategically placed strip of lead tape that may weight all of a gram, it is because of the brand of string they use for their mains, it's because of the type of overgrip they use, it's because of the 'old' model racquet they use, yada, yada, yada. People actually believe that 'if I get my racquet to have the same strings and specs as Roger Federer's I'll finally be able to hit a backhand down the line!' (Please read the above with sarcasm.) I can hit a backhand down the line with any racquet simply because I have hit zillions of them--it's me, not the racquet that does it.

What it boils down to is that most people won't take responsibility for their failures. It's not their fault they lost, it's their racquet's fault. If they are hitting the ball too short going out and practicing, drilling and working on their game is not the answer--it's lead tape! That'll cure it! From reading this board one would think that lead tape has almost magical powers to cure whatever is lacking in your game. There just has to be an easier way to get good. All this practice, drilling, off-court training and match play is just too hard--I'll just buy a new racquet. Or I'll ask people who I've never met or seen me play how I should modify my racquet, what racquet I should buy, what I should string it with, how I should string it, what brand grip I should get, even what color strings I should get. It's not me who sucks it's the racquet I tell ya.

Tennis is an individual sport. Until you are able to think for yourself and have confidence in your decisions success on the court will be hard to find. Demo some racquets, pick one YOU like then push away from the keyboard and get out on the court and hit balls. Respect the work the pros have put into their games. It should be of far more interest what your favorite player's practice routine is than what racquet or strings they use. There are no short cuts to getting good. The racquet that a pro uses is not the reason he or she is where they are now. The reason that racquet companies are continually coming out with new products should be very evident to everyone from reading these boards.

When tennis coach Vic Braden was asked by someone what racquet they should use he answered: 'It doesn't matter. They are all engineered far beyond your ability to use them.'
There is a reason why 60 to 80 percent of pros use poly. The reason why doesn't matter but does show that poly is significant enough for pro players to use it. This mass exodus from GUT to poly needs looking into and might even benefit the club player. Gathering and experimenting with new info is always a good thing.

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