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Originally Posted by White_Rice View Post
Looking to buy a new racquet and really want a Technifibre...just don't know what frame. Don't really want a HD string set up so that narrows it down to a few: TFight 335 or 320. the 315 is too light for me IMO. Any try the 335 and 320? Which is better for a 4.0-4.5 baseliner who hits with heavy topspin?
I use the TF320 and I am playtesting the TF335 for TW. I hit for a couple hours today with both, and really not much difference in my opinion. The totally stock TF335 weighs 12.3 on my scale and my 320 weighs 12.1 with leather grip, overgrip, and dampener. I did serve better with the 320.
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