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Originally Posted by halfvolley777 View Post
Formerly a TFight 325 user and wondering if the unstrung weight of the 335 is close to advertised ...drives me a bit looney to have same racquets more than .05 ounces apart with exact sdame setup....though I know the tolerances are prob + or - .20 ounces...any comments?
having used (and still using the 325) the 335 is a much different racquet. they are comparable in static weight but that's about it.

the 335 swings easier since it's more HL and the SW is lower than the 325. the 335 also feels stiffer, especially in the throat area.

i hit with the 335 16x20 again last night and liked the short angles i could create because of the more open string pattern than my 325.

next test is the serve. if the 335 clicks and serves as good as the 325 i just may make the switch.
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