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Originally Posted by IT WAS IN!!! View Post
i am sorry to the big fans but... i tried the tecnifibre t-fight 320 and found it to be the worst feeling racquet I have ever swung. im not trying to make enemys but the only thing i liked were slice backhands which didn't feel good

if anyone cares here is my favorite of 16 racquets i demoed
I suppose the question to ask is what do you look for in a racquet? It may not be what others are using as a criteria.

I'm thinking about trying out the T-Fight 335 as it seems impossible to find another Pure Control 2001, which is my preferred racquet. They seem to be very similar in specs. Has anyone compared the two? By the way, the later Pure Control "Team" racquets are not the same as the originals. Much stiffer and a bit lighter. Not my cup of tea.

By the way, I tried demoing the PK Redondo for a month and had to sell. I couldn't stand the way it felt, which is odd considering I played with the Dunlop Max 200G for about 15 years. It just didn't have the stability in the upper hoop that I needed. The Nsix-one 95 is close to a PC 2001, but lacks pop, control, and stability in comparison. I suppose adding tape would help, but I'd rather find a good stick that performs out of the box.

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