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Good thread, one I wish I'd read before laying out the schedule - this is my first time as captain. My problem is that I haven't seen half of my players play before so I don't know their level. Most of them are self-rated and from what I've seen people rarely rate themselves accurately, they either go too low or too high, and it's entirely unintentional.

1. The weaker player determines the outcome. Either they are attacked constantly and can not respond, or their partner presses to hard and ends up with way too many double faults and unforced errors. This can be extremely frustrating for the stronger partner and lead to abnormal behavior on their part.
I've been surprised to find that most of the time my opponents DO NOT pick on the weaker player...unless they are down and in danger of losing. This applied to both mixed and regular doubles. I know this isn't always the case.
4. Having the same partner over and over really helps.
I'm struggling with this a little. Since I have several new players I didn't want to have one experienced player "stuck" with the same partner the whole season but maybe this isn't a bad a thing as I initially thought. I'll see how they do together, I suppose if they're winning they can't be having too bad a time. I also have two brand spanking new players but I'd feel a little bad about always putting them together in the #3 spot.

Oh well, I'm not really doing this with the goal of going to sectionals. I know there are some teams out there that only play their "good" players with the weaker ones going in the #3 spot and only playing a one or two times in the season. My feeling is that they all paid the same fee so they should all get to play equally.
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