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Originally Posted by marcl65 View Post
I'm struggling with this a little. Since I have several new players I didn't want to have one experienced player "stuck" with the same partner the whole season but maybe this isn't a bad a thing as I initially thought. I'll see how they do together, I suppose if they're winning they can't be having too bad a time. I also have two brand spanking new players but I'd feel a little bad about always putting them together in the #3 spot.
When you have new players it does make sense to try out different combos. Personalities, skills and temperament all need to mesh. Eventually you'll find combos that work. Thats when its important they stay together because they can learn each other's game and can devise tactics to cover weaknesses and accentuate strengths. The more they play together, the more these tactics become second nature and then they can concentrate on match strategies and point construction. This is true for all brands of doubles.

A captain in your situation needs to be a bit of a mad scientist, tinkering with pairings and trying to find the optimal combos. Should be a lot of fun.

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