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Originally Posted by Lambsscroll View Post
There is a reason why 60 to 80 percent of pros use poly. The reason why doesn't matter but does show that poly is significant enough for pro players to use it. This mass exodus from GUT to poly needs looking into and might even benefit the club player. Gathering and experimenting with new info is always a good thing.
I tried ALU Big Banger briefly to see what the buzz is all about on the Tour. I hated it. Little to no feel. Natural gut works best for my style of play (and I don't hybridize mains and crosses).

Regarding this thread, I dare say that most if not all of us are some mix of player and consumer. The marketing strategy used by racquet manufacturers appeals to the consumer side of us--just as we buy other products endorsed by so and so who's famous. But depending how much of a player you are versus a consumer, you'll figure out that while it may be interesting to learn about what the pros use, you'll stick with what works best for you.

I agree that the whole paintjob story is a legal landmine waiting to explode. If you're going to sell something to the public based on the fact that so and so uses that product, then it had better be the case that so and so actually uses that product. Otherwise, it's called false advertising.
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