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Like I have mentioned before. Before the start of the season I hold two round robin matches with all of my players.

I am looking for 1 singles player and 3 doubles teams. I have a total of 3 other guys who can play singles to fill one spot and 5 total doubles teams.

At the end of the round robin, each player is ranked based on his record. If there is a tie on a record, then it will go to H2H between those two players.

Once I establish a #1 and #2 Singles as well as #1-3 doubles teams before the season, then those are my teams until the end of the year......


We have a scheduled practice each Thursday. If you are a current ranked player and you miss, then you don't play and someone fills that spot the next Saturday. If your the #4 or #5 doubles, then you have 2 challenges at each practice and you cannot challenge the #1 team. If you are #4 and you beat the #2, then you move into the #3 slot for Saturday while #3 moves to #2.

I know this is alot of work, but this insures that your strongest players at that point in the week/season are playing.
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