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Exclamation The "Pithy" Proboscis, Steffi Graf: an objective analysis

to the rest of you : this is just a personal "tweak-fest" between my homie Condi and I; you need not bother reading into this.....

Originally Posted by Condoleezza View Post
The funniest and wittiest response ever of a professional tennis player to a remark from the stands.
Steffi Graf
Steffi Graf (to spectator): "How much money do you make?"

Analysis: Steffi Graf's reprehensible inquisitiveness of monetary accquisitiveness does not remotely suggest to the 'humorously honed' ear, a sense that her 'funny bone' is in tune with the "socially evolved." Her quip couldn't even be tagged as worthy of, a Joan Rivers, for example. Whatever fraternal traits Ms. Graf shares with the heavily plasticized and botoxed Ms. Rivers, they clearly are not based on an inherent ability to combine clever conception with facetious expression as is often the case with Ms. Rivers. No, Ms. Graf's gauche, impotent attempt at pithy repartee, more to the points, suggests that the only "fraternal" traits she shares with Ms. Rivers is the socially tasteless, run-of-the-mill AVARICE commonly found among the nouveau riche.

Conclusion: " much money do you make?" ???
Clearly, not exactly a George Bernard Shaw-type "come-back."

To help further illustrate the "witty" (not) point: here are two other examples that are clearly out of the one-track-mind-$ "golddigger" Graf's league:

1. After (McEnroe) walks towards the chair to argue a call in the begining of a match....
Spectator: "Come on Mac! Already now?!"
McEnroe (to spectator): "What's your problem? You got a f*cking appointment you've got to get to?"
Analysis: Crude, but infinitely more inventive than Graf.

2. Another time, McEnroe (to heckling spectator): "What other problems do you have apart from being unemployed, a moron and a dork?"
Analysis: Churlish, but again, infinitely more inventive than Graf.

Kind of like their respective games.
Graf: one dimensional
McEnroe: incendiary at times, yet infinitely more inventive


Originally Posted by Condoleezza
Is there one important record this woman doesn't hold?-Condi
A couple. Here's two:

I. Most times stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan while trying to play a tennis Germany.

II. Most times stabbed by a Steffi Graf fan while trying to play a tennis match....anywhere.

(or do they not qualify as "important?")

Heil Steffi! Happy New Year, Condi
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