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Originally Posted by The Grand Slam View Post
Please, oh God, don't bring up Monica Seles or the stabbing in this thread. The last thing I want is a hijacked thread. This was just supposed to be a bit of a laugh, don't make it into a huge argument. -_-
Thanks, I almost overlook that.

IMO, the stabbing didn't alter the course of tennis history as certain patriotic circles among U.S. tennis fans want it to make us believe.
Seles was injured for about 4 weeks and had some motivational problems afterwards. But Graf - coming out of her horrible slump - was rising to her former peak again in summer of 1993 and would have become #1 anyway.
We must not forget that even #1 Seles lost 5 of 7 matches against Graf.
Which is more than 70 %. A fact those U.S. Seles fans always try to avoid ...


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