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Ok, time to get down from the cross 'Grand Slam Jesus'.

For the *cough* 3rd time: my original post was prefaced...(as in UPFRONT) with an "Advisory" advising the at-large audience (which would also include you) NOT TO READ---that my 'tweak' was just between Condi and myself, period. So whatever comprehension challenges may or may not have befallen you, would you please stop your repeated and odious attempts to lay blame on me Grand Slammy and face facts: 'twas YOU, dear child, that felt compelled to "trespass" via your own free will and to that end, I will take responsibility for nothing other than the truth, ipso facto (ah-hem).

Now, in the interest of brevity, allow me to wrap up this trite little malestorm in "ying" and "yang" fashion:

Here is a handkerchief.

There is the door.
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