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Originally Posted by alwaysatnet View Post
I'm not good enough to be his cousin.
Of course you are...maybe you are not good enough for Mac to even give you a quick glance. Maybe.....

One thought about Mac. People sometimes put these athletes on a pedestal. They are human just like us. Playing in front of large crowds and having things written and said about you has to be a little difficult. I am not making excuses for the guy, but these guys have to deal with pressures we will never know. I don't feel sorry for any of them...mind you, but it can't be easy. Mac belongs in an anger management group. He needs therapy. He has no self-control. After saying that...think about how many people you personally know that have the same issue. The guy is a human being, albeit not a very nice one. Love him for his gift. Despise him for his lack of humaneness.

I always said...I never want to meet my idol. Idols can crush a person with a snap of their finger. Its better to admire them from a distance. Met an idol of mine this past summer (Troy Aikman). Drove 8hrs to his HOF induction. Paid $317 to have him sign a jersey and ball. Named my boy (middle name) after him. When me and my 2 buddies got to his signing table he did not even give us a glancing look nor a thank you. It took my friend to say "Thanks Troy!" three times before he looked up at him with the most condescending look I have ever seen. Learned my lesson.
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