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Originally Posted by tennis-n-sc View Post
Here's how I do it and we've been pretty good. I put my strongest guy and gal together at # 1 and go down in order of strength. I have a bit of a different approach on the most important member of the team. In my opinion, it is the gal. Her job is neutralize the male opponent while her partner beats the opposing gal. And, I have found, that in USTA mixed league play, for the most part the social aspect goes out the window. The women I play with are very competitive and fearless.
I'm a 4.0 male and have good success in the men's league, but I have trouble in the 8.0 mxd. I can understand losing with a 3.5 female, but sometimes I get a good partner and I still can't stop the other team from hitting to my partner all the time. Thank you tennis-n-sc for explaining the key element of mxd playing. I hope my partner will understand when I tell her to neutralize the male player over there.

I think the best teams have 4.0/4.0 matched up together, unless you have a "real" 4.5 guy and a 3.5 girl who's really a 4.0.

Does anyone else get psyched out by the clock. I can't stop watching that darn clock (you only get to play up to 1 1/2 hours indoors). We can be 4 games up and I'm thinking about how many games we can play in the amount of time left, etc. I know....don't do that! Easier said than done.
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