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Originally Posted by tamdoankc View Post
I walked onto the UMKC team in '95-'96. That's when they still offered tennis scholarships and actively recruited. The team had a lot of foreigners but no one local to KC, a couple of Americans. Solid players from 1-6. Anyone could've played any position. I would've been 7 but saw it was impossible to balance school and sports and work so had to drop tennis. All the scholarship players were at least 5.5 if not 6.0s. One of the guys was a top ranked Austrian junior and another was from Japan.

KC actually has a lot of elite juniors that end up playing for a top end D1 school. A couple of private highschools (Rockhurst, Pembroke, etc.) are packed full of awsome players. Not sure about now though. If it's Casey Smith you guys are talking about, I think he went to Rockhurst.
UMKC still offers scholarships and more than half the team is foreign. They have just had a problem with head coaches. It is a part-time position which means they do not get the pick of the crop, and they cannot build a program with part time coaches. The top players are decent, and they should do pretty well this year at conference, if the coach remembers to drive them there. But I don't think UMKC has ever been at top competitive D1 school.
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