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Default My Racquet History -- What's yours?

1960-64 My dad's discarded Wilson Jack Kramer Speed Flex Fiber Face wood racquets, with red and blue colored string through the mains near the throat, so that you could spin the racquet and choose rough or smooth (instead of up or down). Don't forget to put it in its brace and tighten it, or it will warp in the closet!

1994 Slazenger Mystique 95 (because that was also the model of my squash racquet)
1995 SledgeHammer 6.3 OS
1996 Hammer 5.0 Stretch 95/Hammer 6.2 Stretch 95
1997 Dunlop Revelation Tour Pro +1 28”
1998 Dunlop Revelation Tour Pro +1 (cut to 27.5”)
1999 Head TiS2; Dunlop Revelation Tour Pro std
2000 Yonex RD10 (long), cut to 27”
2001 HPS 6.1 95, std
2002 HPS 6.0 95
2003 ROK
2004 LM Radical MP
2005 Head PT 280
2006 Volkl C10 Pro Tour (93" head)

Sticks that were good enough to buy, but never got off the practice squad:

Head: LM Prestige mid and MP, Head TiClassic,
Volkl C10, Volkl Tour 10 mid and MP.
Wilson PS 6.0 85, PS 6.0 95, HPS 6.0 (95) Wilson Zone 71.
Yonex MP1 mid and MP, Yonex RDX 500 mid, Yonex MP3 MP, Yonex RD 7, Yonex RD 10 Long, Yonex Ti80, Yonex Ti-50
Misc: Dunlop 200g, Estusa Power Beam, Fischer Pro 1, Vantage 90
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