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Whenever I started playing: Prince Quake XLT (Recreational Racuqet)
One year after starting: Wilson Hammer 6.2 OS Stretch
For half a year after above: Head i.Prestige MP XL
For a year after above: Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 Std (12.8oz)
Currently: Head Pro Tour 280 (13oz.) and messing around with a pair of Fischer Pro. Number 1 320g version

Racquets that I own but don't use and weren't mentioned above: Megaage M2, Bootleg version of Babolat Pure Drive, Spalding Assault 110, Prince Force 3 Lumina Ti.

Racquets that I tried and would liked to have purchased: Wilson Tour 90/Six-One Tour/Six-One 95, Yonex RD Ti-80

Racquets that I would like to try: Pro Kennex 5g PSE/ Ki 5 PSE, Fischer Pro Extreme FT, Prince Original Graphite MP/OS, Prince Original Graphite Longbody, Estusa (Any model), Head Liquid Metal Radical Tour, Head i.Prestige Mid, Yonex RDX 500 Mid, Wilson Pro Staff Rok, Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 85/95
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