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Yonex MP Tour-1 (Loved it, except the weight as a beginner...)
Head Instinct (No spin but good power and lower weight)
Head LM Radical MP (Stiff, harsh and caused wrist pain after a while)
Yonex RDX500MID (sold prematurely due to thinking I was going to go for a Slazenger X1...)
Slazenger X1 (No power, great feel, but to demanding for me really...)
Head i.prestige MP

Demoed: Yonex RDX500MP, Head LM Prestige MP, Head i.Radical, Yonex MP5iHS, Wilson ProStaff Zone 6.5 (Not sure if that's the right model, it rings a bell,) Yonex RQTi250 (argh!)

Would ideally like to try Yonex MP Tour-1 MID, but cant get em! I loved the MP except for the slightly powerful stringbed and limited manouverability. Have settled for now on i.prestige, unless I get elbow/wrist problems as some people have had - but otherwise will be sticking with it for the next 18-24months and concentrate on my game.
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