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Steve H.
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1968 Jack Kramer pro staff

(many years with not much tennis, had some metal frame, an old Dunlop graphite model, and Spalding rec frame)

Got back into it seriously five years ago, have bought and sold many used frames and tried out many others -- some highlights:
1999 Head Ti.S2
2000 Prince Graphite II
2001 Radical OS ('98 )
2001 Warrior MP
2001 POG OS
2002 ProKennex Black Ace Tour
2002 Gamma Tradition 18
2003 Head Ti.Classic
2003 Volkl C10 Pro MP
2003 POG OS
2004 ProKennex Laver S
2004 Fischer Pro #1 (330g)

Scary when you write them all down -- for me part of the fun of tennis is trying different stuff and seeing how it effects my game.
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