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let's see: started playing around 1994 - with some russian tennis racket

eventually switched to some fischer racket (can't remember the name), but sold it after a couple of months of abuse cause i found it a little heavy for me

got a HEAD Pro Lite Tour around mid- 1996, played with it till around 2001 when I cracked the frame (I've never seen one of these rackets in the US, it was a pretty good frame)

(moved to the US in late 1997)

got a Yonex RD-7 around 2000-2001, played with only a couple of times, it was too heavy for me

decided to get a Fischer pro #1, played with it for several years

got a HEAD LM Radical OS, played with it several times and didn't really like it

got a HEAD Radical Tour OS a couple of months ago and have been playing with it since
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