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The years escape me, but here they are:

1950s vitnage wooden racquet 4 3/4 grip
Wilson TX3000 - head crushed in a temper tantrum
Wilson T2000 - unbreakable
Pro Kennex Blue Ace - wood graphite composite, slipped out of hand during server and broke
Pro Kennex Bronze Ace

..... years pass ...

Wilson Triad 6.0 MP - bleah
Wilson Hyper Pro Staff w/Roller (7.6?) - arm pain
Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 5.0 - too heavy, tired arm
Pro Kennex 7G - Excellent, but not perfect for me, strained rotator cuff serving
Prince TT Bandit MP - Manueverable, powerful, cured shoulder, but inconsistent serve, and gave me tennis elbow
Head Liquid Metal 4 - Current
Pro Kennex Core1 #10 (bumperless) - current

Still under consideration: Yonex RDX 300 MP
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