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2003 - had first game of tennis with Kmart Prince Force 3, later
moved to the mister "Arm killer" Wilson HH 2.7
2004 - Wilson T5 then
Wilson PS 7.1 Zone - they say it's for advanced players only,
but it was a God's blessing for my tennis elbow
Dunlop HM200g - just tried it for a couple of games,
feels too stiff, but I am not gonna give up on it, will experiment with different strings and tensions. It's a very stable racquet,
and I like it's weight.
Volkl Catapult 10 - with NXT 16 MAX mains and NXT Tour 17 crosses, 59lbs, put around 6-8 gramms to 9-3.
Almost everything works for me with this racquet, except for backhand slices, they just pop up too much, but maybe it's just my technique, working on it.

If anyone out there wants some advice on how to start playing tennis at 40 years old and being 20 kgs overweight,
advance to 3.5 player and become popular in the club comps,
in the meantime keeping your body from falling into pieces,
all these in just 1.5 years,
I would gladly share my experience.
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