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Default Sandbagged

I played my first sandbagger in an official USTA league match. My partner and I got creamed of course. This guy moved and hit like no 3.0 player Ive ever come across and there were a couple of people from the 3.5 team that were watching that felt he was at least a mid 3.5 player. I checked him out online and hes self-rated (big surprise).

Im somewhat ambivalent about the whole thing. Part of me is irritated just at the fact that this guy, and his club, are kind of unleveling the playing field. The other part of me is kind of like, So what? Realistically, Id expect to see players that are just about to advance to the next level anyway. And its not like this guy is playing down 2 levels its one at most. Still, I alternate between being irritated and berating myself for being irritated.

Oh well, it is what it is.
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