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Originally Posted by FH2FH
Why do you folks who can obviously play competitively at a higher level prefer to lose so you can WIN at a lower level? Do you have amnesia? What's the point? Is you ego so fragile that winning is your only goal? ...your only purpose for playing tennis? Why don't you just play adolescents who have never touched a racquet instead? You folks are a bunch of p'sies in my opinion and should just give up the game.
Mildly amusing post. Personally, while I find things like this more amusing than annoying, I would put you on the same page as them... But hey. That's me.

I can name another reason someone might do it...

Let's say your getting older... You're a strong player, but you keep going up against college players and the like, and injuries are happening more often. Would you risk your health, and play where you belong, or try to move down a ranking; perhaps playing slightly less equal players, but avoiding the impending risk of a tennis destroying injury?

While I haven't experienced this myself (as a young player), I have seen it happen several times, and I see nothing wrong with it.

Of course, I know nothing of the ranking system, so perhaps I'm missing something.
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