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Originally Posted by bluegrasser View Post
IMO Troy was overated, yea, I know three Super Bowls, but if Trent Dilfer had that offensive line - he would of won three SB's also, shoot, Troy could eat breakfast and lunch in that pocket.
That's too bad so many of these athletes are ah$#2s, I met Kirby Puckett and he was great, always had time for you, my daughter also waited on him and said he was the greatest.
Yes...Troy did have a good team. All great players (the ones that won a few SB's) have a great cast. But in fairness, he was an excellent passer. He had tremendous ability to hit his receivers in stride. No offense to Dilfer, but if he were the starter we would have maybe...maybe won one. I don't think Dilfer would have won against Young and the SF cast of players in the early-mid
90's. Troy is a hall of famer...I won't take that away from a person he belongs no where near Canton.

I heard Puckett was a very friendly person....ver, very rare. Too bad he died so young.
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