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Steve Huff
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I guess this is where we give away our age:
1. Old Spalding Pancho Gonzales wood
2. Slazenger Challenge 1 wood
3. Wilson T-3000
4. PDP Open (aluminum)
5 Head Pro (aluminum)--when PDP couldn't keep the throat piece in
6. Arhur Ashe Comp 1
7. Bancroft wood (with the thin, bamboo shaft)
8. Wilson Cliff Richey Autograph (like the Kramer, but darker)
9. Yonex 8700 (green, aluminum with Oval Pressed Shaft)
10. Garcia wood/graphite (same size as wood frame)
11. Dunlop MaxPly Forte (kept breaking)
12. Snauwaert Boronite II (another wood, with boron overlays)
13. ProKennex Black Ace
14. ProKennex Composite Dominator
15. Bard Jade Fire (throat kept breaking, but this baby was really stiff)
16. Wilson Sting OS (not for long--OS didn't suit me)
17. Yonex R 22 (kept breaking)
18. ProKennex Golden Ace
19. Fox WB 210 Ceramic (a 10-sided design like Martina's new one)
20. ProKennex Ceramic Destiny
21. Prince Magnesium 125 (I had lost vision in 1 eye due to retinopathy,
so I got a superoversized)
22. Prince RipStick (the longbodies had arrived)
23. ProKennex 5g
24. ProKennex ti 15g (too stiff for me)
25. Fischer VT 98 (nice frame)
26. MegaAge 2 (not for me though)
27. ProKennex Asymmetric 265 (most comfortable racket ever made)
28. ProKennex Laver Type S 29. PK 15gPSE (and some vintage rackets)
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