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I'm only listing rackets I've used for a significant amount of time (otherwise we wouldn't have room enough).
KMart All-Pro - xmas 1977?
Slazenger (standard size metal) - to withstand the racket throwing
Wilson Jack Kramer Autograph - THE wood racket
Head Arthur Ashe Competition 3
Head Edgewood - 1st Midsize
Snauwaert Graphite Pro - 1st all/mostly graphite, quality stick
Volkl Servo Soft S - heavy, vibration-free club
Prince Graphite Oversize - weapon carried me through college
Volkl T9
Fischer Vaccuum Pro Classic 98 (Stich's racket in 98 headsize)
Head Classic Midplus - great for groundstrokes
Fischer VT Pro Mono 95
Volkl C10 Pro
Slazenger Pro Braided (B&W) - one of my all-time favorites
Babolat Pure Drive - raw serving power
Fischer Pro Extreme (non FT) - ultimate control
Yonex Super RD Tour 95 - most solid stick ever made
Yonex MP Tour-1 98
Dunlop Revelation Superlong +1.00 - one of the few LB I liked
Babolat Pure Control - power and control
Yonex RD Ti-80 - how long will this relationship last?
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