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Default Racket History

1987 Yonex R-10 (got broken when I put it in on a gas grill after a bad loss, which was bad because this was my only racket and I couldn't play tennis for 6 months)
1988-1990 Prince Response OS (stolen in school by f*ng *******s who will fry in hell)
1991-1992 Prince Original Graphite Supersize (125) (way too big... it was totally embarrasing to miss overheads)
1993-1996 Prince Thunderstick Mid+ (the most powerful racket I have had in my hands... no wonder I couldn't keep the ball in the court...)
1997 Yonex RQ-??? (It was a green and not very solid racket)
1998 Wilson Hammer 6.2 (da "skunk" - the best racket up till this point)
2000 Wilson Hyper Prostaff 5.0 (They were too stiff and hurt my elbow)
2001-2002 POG Mid (good rackets but felt I could do better)
2003-2004 Babolat Pure Drive+ (These supercharged my game overnight)
2004 Pure Control (old version) > Pure Control (new version) >Prestige Mid+ XL > Prince Diable Mid+ > Wilson Hyper ProStaff 6.1 > Pure Control Zylon > Yonex Ti-80 > Pure Control (old version) > Head Prestige Classic 600 > POG 100 LB > Prestige Classic 600

My all time favorites:

Pure Drive+
Pure Control
Pure Control Zylon
Prestige Classic (probably the best racket ever made - Should have started playing with thiz at first place)
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