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Default Mary Carillo - Discussion

Mary Carillo will you please shut up!!!! OMG am I the only one that has noticed that Mary Carillo never shuts up during the points. She will start talking then once the point has started she is still going on and on about some useless crap that no one even cares about. What, is her brain to small to remember what she was going to say until the point is done? I mean she doesn’t even know what she is talking about. In the Nadal match she was praising the way that Nadal hits his forehand (with the follow through up over his left shoulder rather than across his body) and all but said that it is the best way to hit it. I wonder how many people sitting at home watching that went to their club the next day and tried to hit their forehand that way and then had to quit because their wrist hurt so bad after 10 minutes. She then went on to say that the way that Nadal hits his forehand is better than the traditional way of coming across your body. Yes that is the truth if you like to make things as complicated, and inefficient as possible. Thank God that Cliffy was there to set her straight! I wonder how Cliff Drysdale can even put up with her.

I hope that someone agrees with me, I mean it makes me so mad when she talks during the points. Even Pmac’s constant praising of Andy Roddick, and Dick Enberg’s complete lack of tennis knowledge are better than Mary Carillo’s constant babbling.
-Tennis is an easy game made complicated by idiots-
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