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Originally Posted by vin

I think it was you who recently pointed out that Agassi benches over 300 lbs. You don't think that helps his forehand? Do you not think that's 'bulking up'.

I played seriously in high school at about 130 lbs. I stopped playing after high school but picked up weight lifting. When I started tennis again, I was around 180 lbs. But despite the extra 50 lbs, I'm much faster and I hit the ball harder with less effort.

Anyone who is healthy, in good shape, and is looking to get stronger for tennis can't go wrong with picking a few good compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, chin ups, incline bench press, etc, and trying to add a few pounds each week.

I agree that flexibility and speed are important also. Especially flexibility. My main point is that tennis players shouldn't be so afraid of 'bulking up'. It's hard to gain muscle without gaining a little fat, just keep it under control. Give it a try and you'll realize how much work it is to put on just a few pounds of new muscle.
Putting 10-20lbs, is OK, but I am for doing that with athletically oriented exercises, not bodybuilding.

And I am doing squats, deadlifts, chinups, the whole thing, etc, but my goal is personal records and improvement, and keeping my flexibility and explosiveness (thus Pilates and pliometry), not bulking up. As I have Sampras's proportions (but not talent:-)), I think I better stop here. And check my sites, they describe such exercise.
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