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Originally Posted by Marius_Hancu

Putting 10-20lbs, is OK, but I am for doing that with athletically oriented exercises, not bodybuilding.

And I am doing squats, deadlifts, chinups, the whole thing, etc, but my goal is personal records and improvement, and keeping my flexibility and explosiveness (thus Pilates and pliometry), not bulking up. As I have Sampras's proportions (but not talent), I think I better stop here. And check my sites, they describe such exercise.
That's great that you are doing those exercises.

In my opinion, putting on 10-20 lbs IS bulking. Bulking doesn't have to mean transforming into hercules, just gaining weight. And the compound exercises mentioned are also used by bodybuilders, so in a way, you are using some bodybuilding methods. I'm only pointing this out to make sure that the terms you're using are not being misinterpreted and scaring anyone away from the benefits of weightlifting and gradually progressing to heavier weights.
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