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Depending on how much time you have before your match here
are some suggestions:

1)warm your body up (lifecycle,jumping jacks,jogging,rope) to
produce a light sweat on your face and stretch for a good 15-20

2)while you are stretching this is a great time to think about what
style you want to play and go over your strategy,tactics,and patterns you wish to implement to win points. Don't get too technical with your strokes but also briefly review each stroke and
visualize how you will hit them. The main focus should be on your
strategy and game plan to win the match.

3)If time allows(make the time if possible) warm up your strokes hitting all your shots,including the serve, and play a few
points. Warming up your shots is critical to find your timing for
the day of the match and to build confidence so you will get off to
a good start. If you can't find someone to hit with grab a bucket
of balls and warm your serve up and hit your various strokes by
simply dropping the ball in front and hit them. I find getting the
timing of my serve down for that day is critical to start my match
off confidently. If I have a good solid first serve game, this usually
will carry out throughout the entire match-I made it happen by
taking the time beforehand to warm it up.

4)As the match progresses to alleviate nerves and aid your play,
monitor your breathing between points and while you are hitting
the ball. When your nervous, your heart starts to rapidly beat and
your breathing becomes shallow-at this time take your time and
take several big deep breathes as you walk back towards the back
fence-this will relax you and slow your heart rate down. Expect this
to happen and when it does take control with several big, slow,deep breaths. Also, try to breath out everytime you hit the
ball and this will alleviate any tension and allow you to take a nice
full swing with maximum extension.

5)Eat a balance meal 2-4 hours before the match and be sure
to take both water and gatorade with you. If you play a tough
3 set match you don't want your glycogen stores to be depleted.

Good luck!
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