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Originally Posted by vllockhart View Post
I speculate that ESPN got so many emails begging for a Carillo free match that the producers had to tell her she was not wanted.
I doubt that. On both counts: that that many people emailed or that ESPN would act.

Originally Posted by FEDEXP View Post
I've actually liked Carillo in the past but today was the nadir.
I used to like her early in her career on CBS too. Something changed. Not sure if ESPN asked her to be more controversial, but she started saying outrageous stuff. The 'Fed tanked' line after the Murray match was it for me.

Originally Posted by Pisolino227 View Post
and please, somebody buy Pat Mac a pair of knee pads so he is a little more comfortable while kissing Roddick's butt.
Great line - and very true.

I didn't see any of last night's crappy lineup - decided to watch my Netflix DVDs, that have been here for many days, instead.

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