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Originally Posted by edmondsm View Post
I dont' know if Carillo said it. I think Shriver might have, but after the second set Peer to a 6 min bathroom break and one of them said, "I could have taken 4 in that amount of time."

It was awkward.
I heard her commentary during the Peer match. I saw nothing wrong with it. She was kidding around making some puns, and she made the point that Peer's bathroom break was too long. What's the problem?

Face it. Sports commentary is dull and repetitive. There just isn't that much to say, especially when you have a sport with a maximum of two athletes involved. It's not like football where you can have something to say about 20 different players and there's action going on all over the field.

Hence we get looooooooooong and pointless inverviews with Pete Sampras or Nicole Vaidesova during matches. What can you do? Nothing.

Carillo's fine.

Just don't give me that British woman who commented during the last Wimbledon. Sitting in the booth dissing Henman because Fed ran him around was unacceptable.
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